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    Drop Ceiling Installation RI

    We at Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island believe in providing quality service to all our customers. We have a team that understands and supports the needs of our clients. As industry professionals, we strive for perfection and always try to do our best.

    If you are thinking about the best drop ceiling installation near me, do not hesitate to visit us. You can ask us for a free consultation or request for information about our services.

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    Suspended Ceiling Installation Rhode Island

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    As a customer, the company you choose for suspended ceiling installation services is an important decision. Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island is a licensed company with professional suspended ceiling contractors. We guarantee professionally installed ceilings with exceptional workmanship. We have experience with many aspects of interior construction and renovation, and our specialty is with ceilings.

    Ceiling Tile Installation Services RI

    You must be wondering whether damaged ceiling tiles can be replaced at affordable rates. Well, if you are looking for good companies that provide ceiling tile installation, you’re in luck. We at Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island believe in providing the best ceiling tile installation without gaps, weak beams, or hanger wires. With specialized packages and a wide range of tile options to choose from, you can count on professional and meticulous installations from us. Depending on your home’s interiors, we can install popular ceiling tile materials such as:

    • Mineral fiber 
    • Fiberboard 
    • PVC or plastic
    • Metal
    • Gypsum

    As long as it’s done right, your ceiling will be part of your home or business for a long time. It's therefore necessary to have expert advice when it comes to your ceiling. Drop by or give us a call for a free consultation.

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    Acoustical Ceiling Contractors Rhode Island

    We receive many inquiries for acoustical ceiling installation. As one of our most in-demand services, we have invested a lot of time and effort in perfecting this type of installation.

    People who live in shared building apartments require soundproofing not just between walls but also between ceilings. These types of ceilings are ideal for builders and house owners who want to keep loud sounds to a minimum.

    Best-in-Class Soundproofing Solutions

    Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island combines expert knowledge and a deep appreciation for acoustical science with the best materials. It’s how we continue to provide best-in-class soundproofing solutions.

    We at Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island understand the needs of our customers very well. We use our knowledge, equipment, and materials to help you enjoy your privacy with soundproof ceilings that are expertly installed and meet your needs perfectly.

    For acoustical ceiling needs, drop by or give us a call.

    Drop Ceiling Contractor RI

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    Looking to install a new drop ceiling or repair an existing one? Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island has the best drop ceiling contractors. In case of an accident or urgent repair work, you can count on us to provide you with professional help and the best service.

    Whether you need drop ceiling installation for a new house or the renovation of an old one, Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island is prepared to work with you to give you the ceiling that you want and need. We have a team that’s specially trained to take on all types of ceiling installation jobs whether it’s for a fresh installation or the replacement of an old one.

    We started as a small team with a big dream: helping our clients have the drop ceilings that they want. Over the years, our list of services, the materials we work with, and the expertise of our team have grown with our list of clients. We are thankful for the trust and aim to repay it with the best service and professionally installed ceilings that you can enjoy for many years.

    Got a question? Contact us to know more.

    Drop Ceiling Installers RI

    Ceiling installation is one of the most important tasks in the house, building, and contracting business. We are very meticulous and careful with every contract we take on. We understand that the comfort and safety of our clients are at stake. In case repairs or adjustments are needed during the installation process, we take full responsibility and address any issues arising from the installation as quickly and professionally as possible.

    As licensed drop ceiling installers, you can be sure that Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island meet the operational safety and performance standards set out by the state.

    Before accepting any job, we will consult with you, survey the area, and provide you with our recommendations. By doing this, we ensure that any job we take on satisfies the needs and budget of our clients. Call or message us to learn more about our drop-ceiling installations.

    Residential Drop Ceilings RI

    You will inevitably spend a lot of time in your home so you must have the exact drop ceiling that you want. Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island understands this. We make sure that the ceiling we install is the right ceiling for you. There are many applications for dropped ceilings in homes such as:

    • Finished basements 
    • Game rooms 
    • Home theaters 
    • Garages

    We have specialized services for different kinds of ceiling installations. We cater to many residential homes and buildings and have plans that suit different customers.

    Our team of professional contractors is friendly and trustworthy. We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools for every assignment. On the day of the installation, we arrive on time and leave only after finishing all the work and cleaning up after ourselves.

    We at Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island cater to clients who need installations for a variety of reasons such as:

    #1. Aesthetic Purposes

    Aesthetically pleasing ceilings can hide structural and mechanical components such as loose wires, piping, and duct systems.

    #2. Acoustic Purposes

    Loud sounds and unwelcome noise around your home can significantly affect your quality of life. It’s important to have the right level of soundproofing to ensure that you have the privacy and quiet that you expect from your home. A false ceiling made of soundproof materials can restore your peace of mind and that of your family’s Contact us for customized packages and reasonable rates for acoustic residential drop ceilings.

    #3. Environmental Conditions

    A false ceiling can greatly aid in protecting you from volatile organic compounds (VOC) while preserving the ambiance of your home. Based on your home’s design, our ceiling installations can help enhance your home’s natural light and airflow. We can help you with a few options for drop ceilings at home based on a consultation on what you want and need. Call or visit us anytime for more information.

    Commercial Drop Ceiling Installation RI

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    The use of drop ceilings in commercial areas is vast. They can conceal repair work, unsightly wires, and ventilation systems. They can also be used as part of your fireproofing measures or to increase the efficiency of HVAC systems. There are many reasons to replace false ceilings in commercial spaces. We’ve developed packages to address different needs. You may also approach us for customized proposals and special drop ceiling requests. We ensure that our drop ceiling installations entail minimal disruptions to your business operations. Drop ceilings are common in commercial establishments such as:

    • Stores 
    • Banquet halls 
    • Schools 
    • Churches
    • Malls
    • Corporate offices 
    • Restaurants 
    • Public restrooms
    • Car dealerships 
    • Medical facilities

    Suspended ceilings are popular solutions among businesses and offices because they allow for easy repair. Panels can be easily lifted to repair certain sections of the ventilation and electrical systems. It is also easy to incorporate acoustic properties with dropped ceilings. This benefit is useful for offices and restaurants where certain noise levels need to be contained. Call or visit us to learn more about how we can make your business better with the right ceiling.

    Why Choose Us: Specialized Services for Ceiling Installations RI

    Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island started with humble beginnings. We started with a small staff, a tight office, and a few clients. Today, our staff, office, and client list have grown.

    We remain committed to providing the same excellent service and satisfaction that we did when we started. The years have allowed us to learn what works and how to do it better.

    Our growth was made possible by the perseverance of our team members and the trust you have put in us.

    Specialized Services from Drop Ceilings Pros of Rhode Island

    Although we started with general ceiling installations, our range of services has expanded to include a variety of specialized ceiling installations and repairs. Here’s what you can expect from us:

    • We have a team of experts who have the best equipment at their disposal. 
    • Each of our employees was handpicked for their technical knowledge, qualifications, and professionalism while on the job.
    • We provide free consultations for our clients to help them have a better idea of their requirements, the options open to them, and how we can help them get the exact drop ceiling they need. Before we start a project, we ensure that our client agrees with the scope of the project and how long it will take.
    • We deliver high-quality services and get the job done on time.
    • We offer customizable packages and reasonable rates.
    • We offer different drop ceiling installation services.
    • We are a licensed business in Rhode Island.

    A Note About DIY and Drop Ceilings

    The drop ceiling installation process is technical and formidable. Though we admire and believe in the DIY movement, we do not recommend it for drop ceiling installations. At the very least, performing a drop ceiling installation without construction knowledge is a safety issue. If you want to learn more about our services and the kind of ceiling installation you need, give us a call or fill out a quick request here on our website.

    Our Process

    To give you a brief idea about how we install suspended ceilings, here’s a brief overview:

    • Step One

    The first step is to survey the room and take measurements of the room’s dimensions. We then equally divide the room to accurately measure the border panels or ceiling panels.

    • Step Two

    We use a quality chalk line tool for the new ceiling. We ensure all the new ceiling levels are perfectly horizontal and the wall molding installation is smooth using advanced tools.

    • Step Three

    We install hanger wires with the chalk line running perpendicular to the ceiling. We use premium quality wire fasteners and hanger wire on which the suspended ceiling will rest.

    • Step Four

    Next, we hang the main beams ensuring that the cross-tee holes in the steel beams are perfectly distanced.

    • Step Five

    Installing the cross beams requires utmost care and caution. We ensure that the border tees are of the same proportions as the border panel size.

    • Step Six

    Next, we take the measurements to see if the grids are perfectly square based on our calculations.

    • Step Seven

    Before finishing the grids, we ensure that all the beams are tight. At this stage, the ceiling is ready to be fitted with panels.

    • Step Eight

    We start sliding the tiles and use the best tools to install them. We give all the tiles and grids one last check before retiring and packing. For any questions regarding drop ceiling installations, call or visit us.