Residential Ceiling Contractor Rhode Island

At Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island, we have a wide range of ceiling packages for different residential rooms at reasonable rates. We can assist you depending on the room you want and your reasons for getting a dropped ceiling.

Our team of contractors and helpful advisors strive to provide quality services to all our customers. We have worked on many residential buildings and homes over the years.

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    Residential Suspended Ceilings RI

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    Suspended ceilings or grid ceilings are commonly used to hide electrical wires and air ducts or plenums. Many people try to look at DIY videos and attempt to do the work on their own. However, this is not advisable unless you have a background in construction.

    Residential suspended ceilings are great if you want a new ceiling for aesthetic purposes, acoustic reasons, or putting the unused plenum space to better use. For reliable suspended ceiling installation contractors, you can contact us anytime.

    Basement Ceiling Installation Rhode Island

    Depending on what you use your basement for, you can decide on what kind of basement ceiling you want to install. There are different ways to utilize basement space and different ceilings based on how it’s used:

    #1. Gyms

    For gymnasiums and health centers, a basic suspended ceiling with neutral colors goes well. Also, it’s advisable to soundproof the ceiling to avoid noises and disruption to and from the upper rooms.

    #2. Playroom

    Many homes use basements as a playroom for their kids. You may be looking to convert your basement into a play area. For such purposes, a simple, lightweight, suspended ceiling is preferable.

    #3. Home Theater

    Home theaters are great spaces that should match the environment of an actual theater. For home theaters, dark metal ceiling tiles with soundproofing properties are ideal.

    #4. Office Space

    Offices are a great way to utilize basement space for homeowners who work from home. However, a ceiling with acoustic tiles is useful to prevent loud sounds from disrupting work.

    #5. Wine Cellars

    Wine cellars are another way of utilizing space in the basement. For ceiling tiles, dark-colored tiles are ideal to avoid ambient light from entering the space.

    #6. Guest Room or Extra Bedroom

    An extra bedroom is a great way to put that basement space to use. You can select light-colored suspended tiles to renovate an extra sleeping space.

    Basement Ceiling Contractor RI

    We install dropped ceilings in any room of the house and that includes basements. We frequently install these types of ceilings for residential homes that want a false ceiling for their basements. However, you decide to use your basement, we can help you find and install the perfect ceiling for your needs.

    Drop Ceiling Installation Contractor for Basements RI

    We at Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island pride ourselves on the expert installation of drop ceilings for basements. We have ceiling contractors who have deep industry expertise in working with ceilings in basements.

    If you’re unsure about what you need and how it can be accomplished, give us a call for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.