Drop Ceiling Installation Rhode Island

Drop ceilings are false or suspended ceilings that are installed in homes, offices, different kinds of public, and government places. They are installed for a variety of purposes such as renovating homes, hiding pipes and loose wires, soundproofing, and improving ventilation. Installation is technical work that requires patience and experience. Why risk shoddy installation when you can go to the best in Rhode Island? Let us help you with your drop ceiling installation needs.

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    Suspended Ceiling Installation RI

    commercial drop ceiling installation ri

    Suspended ceilings are ceilings with metal gridworks enclosed in cement tiles. Metal beams and grids serve as foundations and are laid horizontal to the cement ceiling. Whenever we work on suspended ceilings, we ensure that the steel foundation is absolutely horizontal and that the grids are of equal size.

    At Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island, we don’t cut corners and take no shortcuts. We understand that the quality of our work directly impacts our clients’ safety, home or business aesthetics, and operations.

    Ceiling Tile Installation Rhode Island

    Ceiling installation is one of the most requested services at Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island. We can replace and install ceiling tiles. Ceiling tile installations are only possible when false ceilings have a metal gridwork with shiftable tiles.

    Acoustical Ceiling Installation RI

    Acoustical ceiling installations are mostly meant for soundproofing. To avoid sound transmission from upper and lower floors, and create habitable working and living environments, many of our clients ask for acoustical ceiling installations. Most modern buildings and homes have acoustical ceilings pre-installed, however, this isn’t always the case in older buildings and homes. When installing ceiling tiles, soundproofing material is used to make the ceiling soundproof.

    Ceiling Contractors in RI

    We at Drop Ceiling Pros of Rhode Island have a professional team of ceiling contractors who are equipped with the best tools for the job.

    If you want further information about our services, contact us or send us a message.